About us


5-Sun Classified


A B&B of exceptional comfort endowed with luxury facilities, offering a multitude of services and commodities.

Our mission


To offer a memorable stay, unique and authentic with professional high quality customer service.


Our values


Always honoring our promises to our clients is our essential priority.

What keeps us going

Well, it’s pretty simple… Our keen desire of enchanting you with our little corner of paradise. All you need to do is to abandon yourself… In the gentle arms of Morpheus!

Our actions

We provide services shaped after your personal needs and in accordance with your expectations, emphasizing our renowned warm hospitality, availability, comfort, cleanness and nutritional quality of breakfasts.

Our commitment to the environment

Aware of the effect of human activity on the environment, we have taken measures in order to minimize its impact. We chose to be eco- responsible without reducing the quality of our services. More concretely, by using energy efficient machines and environmental control systems for lighting and heating, composting our organic waste, recovering recyclable materials and using biodegradable products we believe that with our drop in the ocean we could make a difference!

Quebec Tourism Awards

Created in 1985, the Québec tourism awards highlight the efforts and dynamism of businesses active in the tourism domain. It represents an official recognition of their exceptional contribution to the role that Québec plays as a great quality tourist destination.


Customer testimonials

We invite you to read reviews on our customers’ experiences or to leave your own.

To those who have shared their opinions, we thank you as each and every comment helps us in continously improving the quality of our services.

Your hosts,

Louise and Marc