Farm-to-Table Freshness


At Dans les bras de Morphée, we are proud to feature our own as well as local farm-fresh and organic foods for all our breakfast courses!

In the morning…
You wake up to find the dining table garnished with fresh local products. The jams, the pâtés, the home-made pork spreads and the pastries fresh out of the oven will make your mouth water.

Certain dishes are prepared after the original recipe of our ancestors, the colonists of New France. This means that your stay at Dans les bras de Morphée will give you the chance to taste some of the amazing specialties of Breton origin as well as other Québécois dishes.

You will be presented with a different and unique menu every day. If you suffer from any allergies or intolerance to certain foods, please let us know in advance so we can adapt our cooking/dishes to your dietary specifications. We kindly ask you to do this the day prior to your scheduled arrival.

Dining Room

The breakfast can be served either in the dining room, surrounded by the warm atmosphere especially created for your own comfort, or if you prefer to savor your meal in total intimacy we suggest the summer kitchen and when the weather permits, outside on the terrace. And of course during winter time, huddled around a nice fire in the main salon.